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Our program is approved in many states. Find out what is required in your state and get started today!

Our systematic and progressive approach utilizes the latest trends in driver education. Initial enrollment in our course gives you complete and thorough access to our award-winning online program. If the student feels more comfortable learning through a book, we offer our program in a full 400 page color textbook format. Talk about options! The entire program is also available through CD, if the student is using a laptop that is not connected to the Internet, or the student accesses the Internet through a dial-up connection.

The curriculum is built in seven levels. Each level contains two parts. Part one is classroom and part two is driving. The student must pass the classroom and driving activities at each level before graduating to the next level. Our concurrent training outline is easy to follow and allows students to practice and retain what they have learned. (Texas students are eligible for their permit test after completing 6 hours of study). For your convenience, you only have to send in coursework at the completion of all seven levels- Or do it ALL online.

Our organization is committed to finding the right program that suits your needs according to the resources available to you. Our goal is to match your teenagers learning preference to the program that will utilize his/her learning potential to the fullest extent. Imagine taking your drivers ed online, and at your own pace. Learn more about our Drivers Education program options.

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